Asian Bookies Tips

If you plan to register at a top and reliable sportsbook in Asia, you should read this article carefully. It offers the useful tips needed to choose the best bookmaker and bet to enhance your winning chances. Note that choosing the best Asian bookies may be quite challenging because you have to select from hundreds of sportsbooks operating in Asia.  

To choose the best Asian betting site, you have to consider some key elements. The factors to consider when choosing a reliable and safe bookie in Asia include reputation, mobile compatibility, customer support, language and currency support, etc.

Asian Bookies Tips:

Here are the details of the features you should consider before registering at an Asian Bookmaker: 

Customer Service 

An important factor that determines the reliability of an Asian bookie is the quality of customer service. In case something goes wrong while betting on the website, you should be able to contact support agents via different contact points, including online chat, email, or phone. The sportsbook should offer around the clock customer service to gamblers, irrespective of their locations.  

User Interface 

Another essential factor to consider when choosing an Asian sports betting site is the ease of navigation. These websites must be compatible with Android and iOS operating system, and they should work the same way as they would on larger screen device like laptops and desktops.  


The biggest brands in the gambling industry earned their reputation through years of high-quality services, hard work and commitment. Betting sites that engage in unwholesome practices do not stand the test of time. 

Languages and Currencies  

Most of the top betting sites in Asia supports several languages and currencies. The sportsbooks allow punters to bet with US Dollars and other currencies convenient for players in Asian countries. The website also features Hong Kong Dollars, Indian Rupees, etc.  

How to Deposit and Withdraw at Asian Sportsbook 

Reputable Asian bookies support several deposits and withdrawal methods. The majority of punters prefer to transfer their funds via bank wire or credit cards. Other notable deposit options at Asian bookies include checks, Paysafecard, and top e-wallet options.  

You can transfer funds securely from credit cards or bank accounts via safe and secure payment services like Asiapay88 and Skrill. Furthermore, most bookmakers operating in Asia accepts deposits from MasterCard and Visa.  

Bitcoin is a digital currency with which you can deposit and cash out your winnings from an Asian betting site. Apart from bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies that are gradually becoming popular among bettors include Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.  

The advantages of crypto payment include fast deposit and withdrawals. Apart from that, it eliminates the need for currency conversion.  

Betting Options at Asian Bookies 

Asian sportsbook features a selection of betting options for all major sports. The wagering types at Asian bookies include handicap betting, three-way betting, and total goal betting.  Other betting options available at the top bookies in Asia include the followings: 

  • Moneylines
  • Futures 
  • Live in-play betting 
  • Point Spreads 
  • Props 
  • Parlays 

Sports you can play at Top Asian Sportsbook 

Asian betting sites features a vast range of sports. Asian bookies focus on international and national leagues with detailed coverage of local events.  

For instance, baseball is popular among bettors in Korea and Japan. Furthermore, cricket is popular among punters in India. Asian bookmakers also feature sports like tennis and golf.

Also, betting sites in Asia features highly-rated American and British horse racing events, a typical example is the Kentucky Derby. Furthermore, the majority of these platforms have racebooks that features local equestrian events. It will interest you to learn that some websites offer cockfighting and greyhounds.  

Asian Handicap Betting Tips 

Asian handicap in betting serves two purposes; first, it minimizes the number of betting results. Asian handicap limits the betting outcomes to two. This is of tremendous advantage in sports like Football that sometimes end in ties. 

Apart from that, it makes betting more interesting as it helps to level up mismatched contests, thereby reducing the difference between the odds and evens. 

When betting on Asian handicap, you should consider the “spread” or “line.” At this point, both sides are even. The handicap given is dependent on how likely a team is expected to lose. For instance, when a team is expected to lose by 3, the bookmaker would set the line so that the stronger team has -3 and the underdog has +3. When you bet on the underdog, you win your bet if they lose by at most 2. The stronger team needs to win by at least four to win your bet if you bet on the favorite.  


The tips given above will help you select the best Asian sportsbook; It also guides you on how to place Asian handicap bets. Therefore, select your preferred betting sites using the tips given above, and bet on your favorite sports. 

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