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Asian bookies are in the rage these days, thanks to their great welcome bonuses, high wagering and deposit limits, and more importantly, their odds. Odds are the most important aspect when it comes to sportsbetting.  On Live Asian bookies, one can pretty much place their bets on anything these days.

Precisely because of that, there has been an increase in the number of Asian bookies and therefore, the market is getting increasingly sophisticated. In this article today, I will be going into the details and workings of some of the best Live Asian bookmakers and also those that offer you live score features so that you can constantly check on the results of your bets. 

Best Asianbookie Livescore Sites

1. Hustle Bookie

hustels casino

100% UP TO $1000

A new Bookie with a Great Loyalty Scheme and Best Odds 

⭐️Overall score: 9.9/10⭐️

2. Racoon Vegas Online Bookmaker

100% UP TO $100

New release in May 2021. 100% up to $100 First Deposit Bonus + Includes All Sports! 

⭐️Overall score: 9.7/10⭐️

3. Million Vegas Sports Betting Site


100% UP TO $100

Top Bookie 2021 with 1000+ games from top software providers

⭐️Overall score: 9.6/10⭐️

4. Agent No Wager Betting Site

agent no wager

30% UP TO $1000

No Wager Casino Bonus! Best Casino for VIP Players

⭐️Overall score: 9.3/10⭐️

5. Red Lion Bookie

Red Lion

100% UP TO $100

Well known Casino in the UK with top game providers and a huge % deposit welcome package

⭐️Overall score: 9/10⭐️

6. Maximum Sports Betting Site

maximum casino logo

475% UP TO $2000

Best Deposit Match Bonus Bonus + Fast Cashout options with all payment methods

⭐️Overall score: 8.8/10⭐️

7. Royal Oak Bookie

100% UP TO $100

Well established Brand + 100% on all deposits

⭐️Overall score: 8.6/10⭐️

8. Harry’s Betting Site


100% UP TO $100

Best Promotions Overall+ Ideal for Mobile

⭐️Overall score: 8.5/10⭐️

Advantages of Livescore Asianbookie sites 

In this segment, I would like to highlight some of the important feature pertaining to Asian Bookies that delineates the differences between them and European or UK based Bookies. I must admit that when I first heard about this differences, I did not think much about them. However, as I began to use Live Asian Bookies, I began to realise the advantages of it over time! 

The first advantage that Live Asian Bookies have over traditional European or UK ones is the fact that Asian Bookies offer much higher betting odds. I think it is a no brainer that higher betting odds would automatically translate to potential higher winnings. Of course, I will not be going into details as to how much higher these winnings comparatively are. But trust me when I say that the differences are significant. One reason for such high odds is that most of these Asian Bookies are just beginning to develop their foothold in this lucrative industry. Yet, most people are already used to European and UK Bookies. Therefore, in order to secure a foothold in this industry, there is a need for Live Asian Bookies to increase their odds to stand out and to root out their competitors. Another possibility is because of the fact that Asians are often the high rollers of the betting world. Remember the show Crazy Rich Asians? While not all Asians are as depicted in the show, there has to be some basis of truth in that, especially their finances. Thus, betting sites that cater to Asian players often have larger limits, making them excellent for players with a large bankroll. Livescore Features

Another feature of Live Asian Bookies as compared to European or UK Bookies is the opportunity of accessing certain niche sports such as Muay Thai – similar to Mix Martial Arts (MMA) – and Sepak Thakhraw – something similar to that of volleyball but using ones’ legs. Given that such sports are on the rise in terms of popularity, there is an increasing demand for access to betting on these games. Therefore, with regard to this, Asian Bookies would definitely stand out more. 

For most sports bets especially football bets, Asian Bookies have a special feature also known as Asian Handicap which is something not found in most European and UK Bookies. This feature increases one’s probability of winning while maintaining reasonable odds for such bets. Therefore, many a times, you can find players simply placing bets for Asian Handicaps. Although this feature has been gradually been adopted by betting sites in the western hemisphere, it will probably still take a while before it becomes normalised. 

Having said everything about Asian Bookies, you have to understand that not all bookies will simply accept any players. In fact, given the strict requirements on online gambling in most Asian countries, it is common for people to have issues accessing Live Asian Bookie sites. 

Asian Bookies Live Score

For a player who has a stake in a particular match, I will be interested to be constantly updated on the live scores of the game, as well as how the odds change with the games. This is especially important when it comes to live betting. Therefore, one of the important features of a good Asian Bookie lies in its offering of live scores juxtapose against the betting odds. On this note, there are 5 pretty good ones that I thought deserves your money. The first one is Pinnacle which accepts a wide range of payment methods as well and has a timely updated live score feature. The second one is SBOBET which offers pretty generous bonuses and has a pretty reasonable live score feature. The third is Dafabet which employ sophisticated technology to ensure that you get the latest updates for a particular game. The fourth is 22Bet which is available on mobile as well allowing you to check on the scores on the go. The fifth one is 1xBet which accepts a wide of people from the international community and offers a user-friendly live scoreboard. 

Live Asianbookie Score Conclusion

Depending on your needs, the type of online bookie should fulfill these needs to its optimal. In addition, you will also have to pay attention to your location of residence so as to avoid contravening any legalities involved with online gambling. 

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