Asian Bookie Handicap

If you intend to gamble at any of the top Asian bookies, you need to be familiar with Asian Handicap. It is a popular way of betting in Asia. So, what is Asian handicap betting? In simple terms, it involves betting on a match outcome in which one of the team is given an advantage over the other before the contest starts. This type of betting is common in football. Apart from football, it is also used in other sports like basketball, rugby, tennis, and horse racing.   

It is essential to have a solid understanding of Asian Handicap because it affects how odds are presented. Therefore, you need to know how to interpret those odds to place this bet effectively. 

In Asian handicap betting, a team is given a “head start’ before the commencement of the match. These advantages (head starts) can be in multiples of 0.25, 1, 0. 5, and 0.75 goals. We will give a detailed explanation in the course of this article.  

Asian handicap can be set on several games in a set of rugby or tennis, it could also be a number of points.  Half goals in Asian Handicap betting eliminate the likelihood of a draw. In other words, a team will always emerge as the winner with a half goal handicap. This is because “half a goal” does not exist in real football.  

Explanation of Asian Bookie Handicap 

As stated earlier, On our Asian Bookie Tips, Asian handicap is a popular form of betting in the Asia Market. It is a more exciting type of betting as it offers a fascinating alternative to the direct win, lose, or draw bet.  

Asian handicap betting gives the team involved an equal winning chance; thereby making the contest more even, theoretically. This is achieved by giving one team in a match a negative or positive goal handicap.  

For Example, if you think Chelsea will win Arsenal by a four-goal margin in a match, then you could bet on Chelsea to win with a handicap of -3.5. The “-3.5” means you have given arsenal a 3.5 goal advantage over Chelsea. 

If you bet on “Chelsea -4” and they win 5-1, 4-0, and 6-2; your bet will be refunded as both teams are on the same level after applying the handicap. Hence, it is better to bet on “half goals” as it eliminates the possibilities of the match ending in a draw. Half-goal handicap betting offers an attractive option for bettors as it eliminates void bets.  

Asian handicap betting offers more values in matches one team is perceived to be stronger than the other. 

Benefits if Asian Handicap Betting 

Asian Handicap betting comes with some notable advantages. Apart from offering an exciting alternative to win, lose, or draw bets, it can also be used to eliminate draw; thereby avoiding void bets. Here are the advantages of Asian Handicap betting: 

It eliminates Void bets 

One obvious advantage of handicap betting is that it eliminates draws. You can eliminate void bets by using Asian Handicap 0.5. It is impossible to score a half goal in football; hence, handicap betting prevents draws; thereby preventing void bets. 

It offers more exotic types of bets 

Another advantage of the Asian handicap is that it offers a more exotic type of betting than the traditional win, lose, or draw bets. Apart from that, it requires players to have a detailed knowledge of the game. 


Asian handicap is a unique form of betting that is different from the straight-forward win, lose, or draw bets. In Asian handicap, you are betting on the margin of victory instead of the team that will win or lose. Apart from offering more nuances, it enables punters to avoid void bets. 

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