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Gambling is one of the activities that is well embraced in Asia. For centuries, games like craps and baccarat are popular in the continent. Apart from that, there are lots of top-quality Asian bookies that feature an expansive range of betting products. Furthermore, they offer generous rewards to players worldwide.   

It is worth mentioning that Asian bookies are different from foreign bookies. For instance, the Asian sportsbook does not limit players’ account. Also, they ask for less document, meaning that their KYC procedure is not cumbersome. Unlike most international bookies, their rules are not too strict. Several players worldwide prefer to register and play at any of the top Asian bookies because of their high limits and extremely high odds.  

Some of the most popular sports in Asia include football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and cockfighting. This article gives a complete guide on Asian betting sites.  

All Asian Bookies 2022

1. 22Bet Aisanbookie


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2. SlotsNBets


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3. Red Lion asiabuki

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4. Agent No Wager asianbookie

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5. Million Vegas Asian Bookie


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6. Maximum Asian Sports Betting Site

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Best Deposit Match Bonus Bonus + Fast Cashout options with all payment methods

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7. Royal Oak Asia Bookie

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8. Harry’s Betting Site


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What are Asian Bookies? 

 They are sportsbook operating legally in Asian countries. These bookies are in two categories, which include international sportsbook and end-to-end Asian bookies. International bookies do not target Asian punters alone; they welcome gamblers Worldwide.  On the other hand, end-to-end Asian bookies focus majorly on southeastern Asia, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand.  

Like other parts of the world, each country in Asia has a specific gambling law.  In other words, Asian countries have unique rules and regulations guiding online gambling. For instance, South Korea and China prohibited online gambling, while a gambling monopoly was established in Indonesia.  

Asian bookmakers are different from their European counterparts in many ways. First, they feature several odds and formats. They offer numerous betting options and markets. Apart from that, Asian betting site features more images, graphics, and icons that make them more appealing to punters.   

Furthermore, Asian betting sites supports a vast selection of top banking options, including cryptocurrency, bank transfer, mobile payment.  In China, players can transact using mobile methods like QQPay, WeChat, and AliPay.  eNets and Maybank are available in Singapore, while punters can transact via PromptPay and TrueMoney in Thailand.  

How do we rate the best Asian Bookies? 

To rate the best Asian bookmakers effectively, you need to consider some essential features. Some of these parameters include safety, customer support, market selection, banking options, and many others. Some of the features that you must not overlook when selecting the best sportsbook in Asia are as follows: 

Mobile Features 

One of the parameters we considered when rating the best Sportsbooks not on renapro in Asia is mobile support. These days, many players no longer use desktop; they prefer to register and bet on their preferred Asianbookie com via their mobile devices.  As such, mobile compatibility is an essential feature that must not be overlooked when selecting the best Asian bookmaker. Also, check if you can download the app and examine the app’s performance on your device.  

User interface at all Asianbookies

The ease of navigation on a betting platform has a marked effect on your overall gambling experience. You can quickly evaluate the usability of an Asian sportsbook by browsing through the website. All you need to do is visit the website via your mobile device or desktop.  Better still, you can download the mobile app and navigate through it.  


Another feature that we considered is the bonus program. Apart from the welcome bonuses, the betting site should come with other generous rewards for existing players. The platform should have a way of rewarding loyal players.  

Market Selection 

It is essential to consider the market selection when evaluating the best Asian betting sites. Note that the more the market selection, the better. 

Asianbookie all Odds 

We considered two different areas in this aspect. First, we looked at the quality of the odds offered by the sportsbook. We compared the price offered by a major market with is obtainable at other sportsbooks in Asian countries. 

The second area considered is the odds format. The type of odds that are commonly used in Asia is the decimal, while the standard odd in the UK is fractional. It is worth mentioning that some countries have different ways of presenting these odds. For instance, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia use a slightly different format, while Asia sportsbooks have more ways to show their odds. 

Number of Asia Bookies20
Max. Bonus100% Up To $2000
Asianbookie all sitesDesktop, Mobile, Tablet, New brands, Live Dealer
Sports BettingFootball, Rugby, Boxing, NFL, NBA, MLB, Tennis
PaymentBank Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, Vouchers
Top BrandHustles Bookie

Choosing the best AsianBookie Portal 

Selecting the best Asian Bookmaker consist of several similarities as per selecting a good European Bookmaker. First and foremost, you will want to pick something that is safe and secured. As you will be placing bets with your hard earned money presumably, the last thing you want is to have all your funds disappearing into the thin air.

Therefore, it is important to only place bets with reputable sites. The next thing that you would want to place some emphasis on is the user interface.

Many a times, we end up placing wrong bets or missing out on certain opportunities because we spend more time navigate on the sites that analysing and placing bets on the particular match that we were having our hopes on. The third thing that you will want to focus on is the availability of payment methods. There is no point placing your bets with a particular match or sport if you are not able to withdraw your winnings if any. The fourth thing is to of course look at all the special features such as bonuses or promotions.

These are additional accessories I would say that can help to multiply your winnings. However, these usually come with certain conditions and therefore you should not be rely heavily on them to make your earnings. Rather, you should be focused on analysing matches, the odds that are being offered before making a calculated decision pegged to the risk and reward probability.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that the site that you are betting on accepts people from the wide international community!

Features of the Best AsianBokie 

If you are planning to register and bet at a top sportsbook in Asia, you need to consider the features of these bookmakers. In this section, we will explain the key features of Asian bookmakers. Below are the top features of the bookies that you need to know: 

Higher Limits 

Sportsbook in Asia offers a higher limit when compared to European bookmakers. Asian betting sites do not restrict players. In other words, they offer a high betting limit to players. For instance, they allow players to wager up to a 6-digit sum at once. These bookmakers have high deposits and withdrawals limits as they focus on high rollers.  

Excellent promotions 

Asian sportsbook offers big bonuses and incredible promotions for new and existing punters. Apart from exciting welcome bonuses, Asian sportsbooks offer Rakeback and cashback bonuses. Furthermore, they feature exclusive VIP and loyalty programs.   

Helpful Customer Support 

Another notable feature of betting sites operating in Asian countries is top-quality customer support. These sportsbooks offer fast, helpful, and reliable customer support through a team of experienced and friendly customer agents. Their customer services are available via different contact points, including email, telephone, and online chat. 

Multiple Language Support at Asianbookie Portal

Asian betting sites support several languages, including English, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, among others. This is an essential feature because it bridges the gap of language barriers, enabling punters from different Asian countries and other parts of the world to access and navigate the website easily.  

Asian horse racing options 

Many Asian betting sites feature horse racing; they offer a wide range of betting options to punters willing to bet on horse racing. Note that these platforms are not designed for Asian gamblers alone; bettors from other parts of the world can bet on horse racing at Asian bookies.  

Furthermore, Asian horse racing comprises the top US events like the Kentucky Derby and some highly rated horse racing events in Britain. Also, sportsbooks in Asia countries offer an option to display odds in various ways, including decimal, American, or fractional odds. This will guide bettors who want to place their bets on the sports. 

In addition, bookmakers in Asia are keeping up with the latest trend in the gambling world as they offer several horse racing options. For instance, they allow players to place their bets using crypto. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies that can be used for gambling transactions include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. This shows that Asian players have a vast array of payment options when it comes to betting on horse racing.  

Transfer Funds To An Asian Bokies

Once you have identified a reputable and safe Asian Bookmaker and have decided to use the particular platform, the next thing you want to do is to transfer your money into that particular bookmaker! As Asia is a vast market, Asian betting sites automatically offer an extremely wide range of payment methods. These payment methods include: Credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are common, though there are plenty of country-specific smaller payment options available too, which are not really applicable to you.

The more commonly used payment method is Credit Card such as Mastercard and Visa, though several Asian betting sites also accept UnionPay. For the usage of E-Wallets, Skrill, NETELLER and ecoPayz are the most widely accepted e-wallets in Asia available in various currencies, including USD, and are handy for fast withdrawals and easy deposits.

You can top up your e-wallet with a range of locally available payment methods. For those who are fans of Cryptocurrencies that you will be pleased to know that Cryptocurrencies are some of the best options for online betting in Asia, particularly in countries where other options are limited. Sites like 1xBet or 22Bet accept 30+ different cryptos, from common currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, to niche coins like Dash or Qtum. There are some other payment methods that may be specific to a particular country or platform.

Depending in which Asian country you reside, you may find a wealth of offer payment options. In some countries, local bank transfers are available, along with many types of e-wallets or prepaid cards – many of which you can top up from self-service terminals at local convenience stores.

Where can I watch Asian Bookies Live Score?  

Virtually all the Asian bookies display live scores on their websites, which means that you can view live scores on these platforms. Some of the factors that you need to consider before choosing a betting site in Asia include a user interface, customer support, payment options, betting odds, and several others. Some of the Asian sportsbooks where you can watch live scores include the followings: 

  • Bet365 
  • Mr. Play 
  • 888Sports 
  • LVBet 
  • NetBet 
  • Vegas 
  • Matchbook 
  • Betition 

Currencies and Payment Methods

As mentioned earlier, Asia is an extremely diverse place with multiple countries in it. This is reflected in the wide range of payment methods that are being accepted as well! However, given the fact that most of the customers for these Asian Bookmakers are international gamblers such as those from the Western Hemisphere, these Asian Bookmakers do accept payment methods that are more commonly used as well. For one, Credit Card payments remain the most commonly used and transacted payment methods.

Cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely welcomed for most of these Bookmakers. Next, for those who are looking to use their E-Wallets, they are widely accepted as well. However, one interesting feature is that Asian Bookmakers are more forth coming with accepting Cryptocurrency payments when it comes to online gambling as compared to the Western ones. Therefore, if you are looking to fund your bookmaker account with Cryptocurrencies, then you will definitely want to pick an Asian Bookmaker.

Finally, if you are looking for direct bank transfers, you can do so as well. However, you may want to pay some attention to the bank transfer rates which can be horribly low and hugely affect your winnings, if any.

Advantages of All Asian Bookies 

Asian bookmakers come with myriads of benefits, including a user-friendly interface, generous bonuses, fast and safe payment options, and many more. Below are some of the advantages you stand to gain at betting sites operating in Asian countries.  

Multiple Currencies Support 

Most of the betting sites in Asia support several currencies for hassle-free transactions. These currencies are not limited to USD, EUR, and GBP. The betting sites accept the national currencies of countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. Furthermore, they support top crypto like bitcoin. 

User-friendly layout

The website features an easy-to-navigate layout; in other words, the betting sites have a simple design that enables users to maneuver their ways easily through the platform.  

Fast and Safe Payment Options 

Betting sites in Asia supports a broad range of banking options for fast and convenient payments and withdrawals. For instance, 22Bets is a reputable Asian bookie with over 100 banking options. Apart from the convenience, it allows punters to select the most suitable payment method for them. 

High Betting Limits 

Asian bookmakers allow players to deposit and withdraw a considerably higher amount than traditional non Gamstop betting sites. This feature makes the platforms suitable for big spenders who prefer to bet with 6-digit sums at a time. Apart from that, they have low limits for deposits and withdrawals. For instance, bettors can deposit less than 5 GBP on these platforms.

These betting sites are ideal for high rollers who desire to spend a massive amount of money on sports betting. Apart from that, casual bettors who do not want to spend a lot of money can also register at these bookies as they accept low deposits.  

Robust Security 

Asian sportsbooks use the state-of-the-art firewall and encryption technology to protect players’ details from cybercriminals.

Speedy Registration Procedure 

Another advantage of Asian betting sites is the fast and straightforward registration process. Apart from that, the platforms don’t make players go through a cumbersome KYC procedure. Registration and customer verifications on these websites are pretty straightforward, and they do not take time at all.  

Reasons For Choosing An Asian Bookmaker over an EU one

There are many reasons why you should be picking an Asian bookmaker as compared to an EU bookmaker. In this segment, I will be listing down some of the reasons and you can choose to disagree with me, but this is what I personally think and experienced.

  1. First, Asian Bookmakers are relatively less strict as compared to EU ones. There are many rules and regulations surrounding EU Bookmakers which diminishes the fun and entertainment value, especially when one gets irritated or frustrated while navigating through the platform in attempt to solve some legality issue.
  2. Second, the odds being offered on Asian Bookmakers are usually much higher and attractive than the EU ones. The reason for such is intricately linked to the highly regulated nature of EU Bookmakers as governmental bodies do not want such private bookmakers to offer higher odds than their own government regulated ones, and as a result reducing their profits.
  3. Third, given the fact that most Asians are high rollers and are willing to spend an extensive portion of their money on online gambling, the betting ceiling on these Asian Bookmakers are significantly higher as compared to the EU ones. This means that players can place any amount of bets that they want and not bound to any restrictions and therefore makes Asian Bookmakers extremely suitable for high rollers.
  4. Finally, one interesting reason is the fact that many players are looking towards Asia to gain access on some of their exciting sports and games that may not be available in the Western Hemisphere. For example, sports like Muay Thai, Cockfighting, or even Badminton which is a huge thing in Asia, may not be available for betting in Europe or the US. Given the fact that there are many Asian immigrants in Europe, they may want to place bets on these niche sports as well.

Disadvantages of Asian Bookies  

Despite the advantages of Asian Bookmakers, they have their drawbacks. In this section, we will enumerate the demerits of bookies operating in Asian countries. Here are some of the disadvantages of Asian bookies and Asian bookie tips that you need to know: 

No Live Streaming 

Asian sportsbook comes with several high-quality features like mobile support, a simple user interface, excellent odds, and many others. However, they lag behind in some areas. One notable area where they need to improve is live streaming.   

No Track Record 

Unlike the top-rated European sportsbook, they do not have a long-standing track record. For instance, William Hills is a reputable betting sites know for decades. Most bookies operating in Asia are relatively new. 

Some of these betting sites are still regulated by Curacao Gaming Authority, which is considered less prestigious when compared to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and other top-ranking gambling authorities in the gambling industry.  

The legality of Online Betting with Asian Bookmakers 

Now, before I go into more details on this, it is important to first understand that Asia is an extremely diverse place and consist of multiple countries as well, each with their own set of jurisdictions. I do not profess to know the laws and regulations of each country but I will attempt to give some insights as to whether online betting are legal with these Asian Bookmakers.

Ultimately, it is important that you do some research on a particular online Asian Bookmaker before putting your hard earned money into it. Below, I list down some of the countries and their corresponding legality status on Bookmakers. 

Asia is the largest continent and home to dozens of countries, each with its own legislation on betting.

Nations such as the Philippines have legalised betting and gambling, with the government (PAGCOR) offering licences for offshore gambling, similar to how the Malta Gaming Authority operates. Meanwhile, in India, online betting is neither legal nor illegal, as it is not regulated by the government.

In Malaysia, Muslims are forbidden to gamble, while members of other faiths are free to bet online. In some other Asian countries, online gambling is illegal.

In Singapore, it is neither legal nor illegal since it is not largely regulated by the government. However, there are certain sites that one will not be allowed to access while in Singapore.

There are some people who actually uses VPN to get around these legality and accessibility issues. However, I strongly advised you not to do that so as not to incur any possible legal repercussions. There are definitely sites that are permitted by the particular country’s government, and you just need time to source for these legal ones. I will be doing some of these recommendations in subsequent articles, so do keep a lookout for them. 


There are several factors to consider before registering at any Asian betting site; the most critical parameters that you should note include license, customer support, security, odds, rewards, reputation, and banking options. As mentioned earlier, these websites differ significantly from international bookies.

First, they offer higher limits. Apart from that, they have different odd formats.  Furthermore, they feature a vast selection of payment methods that are convenient for punters in Asian countries. 

You are advised to go through this guide carefully as it directs you on how to select a rewarding and reliable Asian bookmaker. 

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