Best Sports Bookmakers in Asia

betting with an asia bookie

is nothing new today in Asia. But, the concept of online betting is still to some extent newer in Asian countries compared to the western countries. This doesn’t mean that Asian countries are lagging far behind the western countries in terms of online [su_youtube url=””]gambling. Number of well-established and Online bookie bonusfamous online casinos and bookmakers are now executing their operations in Asia. Players who are involved in online betting know the fact very well. But, problem arises when a new player or punter gets into selecting a particular online bookmaker as options are many and there are so many other online bookmakers who are not worth mentioning.
So, what the experienced punters do? They simply filter the list of the available online sports bookmakers based on some basic qualities that a good sports bookmaker should have. The qualities or selection parameters are –
• Promotions and bonuses
• Limits and gameplay style
• Bookmaker’s overround
• Opinionated lines
• Types of bets
• range of available sports and gaming events
• accessibility of website
• payment options, withdrawal and depositing methods
• customer service
• jurisdiction and finally
• financial stability and solidity
So, these were the basic criteria based on which punters should choose the best sports bookmakers. Sports bookmakers who don’t meet the mentioned quality or have poor results in filtering process should be avoided without further consideration. Now, the basic question is which the best online sports bookmakers are in Asia. Well, after going through a complete filtering process according to the given requirements the top 3 online sports bookmakers we have found are –
• and
• Bodog88 is one of the leading online betting and gaming brands of the world. For Asian operation Bodog88 is licensed under the First Cagayan Pursuant the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Haydock Entertainment of Interactive Gaming License is authorized to run the operation of Bodog88 in Asia. Bodog88 has partnership with two of the major football clubs – Fulham and LA Galaxy. Till date Bodog88 has processed more than $50 billion as payouts and the amount is on the rise. So, Bodog88 is really a worth mentioning name in the top Asian sports bookmakers list. Another top online sports bookmaker that runs operation in Asian betting market is ibet789. iBet789 is owned by the famous Dragon City International Limited and licensed in Costa Rica. ibet789 offers more than 1,500 sports and gaming events every week for betting on. So, punters have number of choices to place their bets. iBet789 is technically sound and maintains the virtual betting environment perfectly with the help of ultra-modern technology and software. At the same time they have a renowned customer support team that makes the task easier for the punters. 188bet can also be a smart choice for online sports betting from Asia. 188bet is operated and owned by Cube Limited which is licensed under Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. 188bet is also popular in online poker but the ultimate reason of its popularity in Asia is its online sports bookmaker service. Bet365 hockey